Lesson #7 – Learn How to Use Shi and Hen to Describe Nouns in Mandarin Chinese

Learn when to use Shi or Hen to describe a noun.

The verb Shi in Chinese is similar to the verb “to be” in English, however unlike in English, Shi is not used with adjectives. This grammar lesson will teach you when you should use Shi and when you should use Hen when describing nouns.

Through the examples you will also learn how to say some useful Mandarin Chinese phrases including:

I am a teacher: wǒ shì lǎoshī
You are a student: nǐ shì xuésheng
They are Americans: tāmen shì měiguórén
She is beautiful: Tā hěn piàoliang
They are kind: Tāmen hěn shànliáng
You are smart: Nǐ hěn cōngming
He is an engineer: Tā shì gōngchéngshī
He is generous: Tā hěn dàfang
She is a nurse: Tā shì hùshi
She is attractive: Tā hěn mírén

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